Christmas Review 2019

Photo: Harcum College (Mikala Williams #14)

This beautiful image of integration is a metaphor for the way the Harcum College Lady Bears have embraced freshman Mikala Williams.  In the span of two short months, she has taken on the role of ‘bread-winner’ for the team, averaging 18 points per game.  In a three-game winning streak for the Lady Bears during the last several weeks, she amassed a total score of 86 points, topping the stats in scoring for each game.   In addition, she is ranked second nationally in free-throw percentage, having only missed two of her 48 attempts from the stripe this season.

After an enforced absence due to family commitments, I plan to return to a more regular schedule for the ‘Review’.  Please accept this Christmas edition as a wrap-up of the past month.  Most teams will head into the depths of Conference play in the New Year, and there will be no shortage of news as our CBR2USA athletes’ teams get into full stride.


LEGEND: Pts, reb, ast, blk, stl. G (game), T (team) high.


Bul Kuol
Bul is still recovering from hamstring surgery and hopes to be back on the court for Conference play.
Did not play (injured)
Rob Colton
After playing nine games for the season, Rob is averaging 7.8ppg and 6.7 rpg. In his only game for this period, he achieved a season-high 12 points. Whitman College Blues are 7-2 for the season.
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James Toohey
James is settling into a new role as the ‘spark-plug off the bench’. After 10 games, he is averaging 8.7ppg and 2.6rpg. He set a season-high 22 points during this period. SVSU Cardinals are 7-3 for the season.
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Annabelle Lindsay
Information not available
Maris Colton
Maris has played most of his games so far this season over the last four weeks. During that period he has achieved a career high of 13 points (at MSU) and is establishing himself as a shot-blocking specialists with several game-high tallies. After 11 games, he is averaging 7.8ppg and 5.2rpg. The MSU Roadrunners are 6-5 for the season.
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Austin Clarke
Austin is currently averaging 1.6ppg and 1rpg. The CUI Eagles are 9-3 for the season.
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Callie Bourne
Callie Bourne continues to prove her quality this season as she puts up game-topping numbers week after week. As well as recording two 20-point games this period, she has contributed game-topping double-digit rebounding efforts. After nine games, she is averaging 12.7ppg and 7.2rpg. The ISU Bengals are 4-5 for the season.
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Nathan Brown
Nate is currently sidelined with a knee injury.
Glenn Morison
Glenn seems to have found his form since he moved from the starting five centre position. While currently averaging 4.4ppg and 3.3rpg for the season, he has averaged 8ppg and 5rpg since coming off the bench. During this period he has set new career highs for points (13) and rebounds (11), as well as a Lancers Athlete of the Week award. CBU Lancers are 8-4 for the season.
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Stuart Phair
Stuart’s team have prioritised their Christmas break and have had a light load during this period. After a solid start to the season, Stuart is averaging 12.1ppg and 7.1rpg. The Sage Gators are 5-4 for the season.
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Isabelle Bourne
Issie has been steadily putting her quality stamp on the Huskers team, recording solid Freshman scores and minutes. She is currently averaging 4.7ppg and 4.7rpg. The Huskers are 10-1 for the season.
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Nikki Worner
The Iona Gaels are taking their time to find form this season, and Nikki is looking forward to having a greater contribution as Conference play commences. She is currently averaging just under 1ppg and 1rpg. The Gaels are 1-8 for the season.
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Mikala Williams
As the ‘poster girl’ for this Review, Mickie has already been highlighted at the start of this article. She is averaging a massive 18.1ppg, 3.8rpg and 3.6apg. The Lady Bears are 5-6 for the season.
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John Mapiou
The Broncos have been quiet in the lead-up to the Christmas break. John is currently averaging 5.2ppg and 4.8rpg. The Broncos are 8-5 for the season.
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Abraham (AJ) Rodriguez
AJ is taking his time to recover from a concussion early in the season, and has remained on limited minutes. He is averaging 1.3ppg and 1rpg. The NOC Enid Jets are 8-7 for the season.
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Story: Cathy Morison