Final Review 2021

Abby Solway. Photo: South Georgia Technical College

Standout Performances

Abby Solway‘s season with the South Georgia Tech Lady Jets came to an end this month with the team’s fourth loss for the season.  Their 22-4 record saw them become the NJCAA Southeast District champions before going down in the first round of the Division 1 NJCAA Championship.

Abby hit the ground running when she joined the team less than a handful of months ago.  Since taking to the court for the first time, she has scored in double figures five times, including being the game-leading scorer on three occasions.  Over the season she averaged 7.1 points and 2.3 rebounds per game.

Other Updates

Stuart Phair had only ten games this season to make an impact on the court.  As a Junior with the Sage College Gators, has established a solid presence on the team and has scored in double figures four times and averaging 8.6 points and 6 rebounds per game.  His strength as a rim protector saw him top the scoresheet in shots blocked three times across the ten games. The Gators ended the season with a 4-6 record (3-5 in Conference play).

John Mapiou will graduate from the New Mexico Military Institute at the end of this academic year.  Although the season only consisted of 16 games, John was able to make an impression by regularly topping games in assists, blocks and steal – a testament to his versatility and athleticism on the court. Averaging 6.2 points and 4.3 rebounds per game, he scored in double figures five times.  The NMMI Broncos finished the season with a 6-12 record (5-9 in Conference play).

AJ Rodriguez will graduate from Northern Oklahoma College at the end of this academic year.   Although his performance fluctuated throughout the year, he averaged 4.2 points per game on the back of several outstanding games, including a stat-topping 17 point game early in the season.  The NOC Jets finished the season with a 17-5 record (14-3 in Conference play).

Dhal Fieg finished his first year with the South Georgia Technical College Jets averaging 1.9 points and 1.5 rebounds per game.  His best game of the season coincided with him being promoted to starter, and he rewarded the trust of the coach with an 11 point effort and topped the game in steals.   The Jets finished the season with a 14-10 record (11-5 in Conference play).


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W87-5910-Apr-21Spartanburg Methodist17 G11-1

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Story: Cathy Morison